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Quality Planning, Inspection, and Evaluation


CAQ-Compact.Net – Quality planning, inspection, and evaluation. CAQ-Compact.Net is the definitive tool for efficient, flexible, and state-of-the-art inspection planning, inspection data gathering, evaluation, and analysis. CAQ-Compact.Net is your one-stop-solution for process-accompanying inspections, incoming or outgoing goods inspections, and sophisticated process control.

  • Central tool for incoming and outgoing goods as well as intermediate inspections, manufacturing and production-accompanying SPC and mounting inspections and supplier evaluation.
  • Complete traceability
  • Unlimited customizable and scalable lot management
  • Cavity administration and retraceability
  • Pre-designed and standard compliant inspection plans for incoming goods, SPC and outgoing goods, and skip lot
  • Capability index calculations: Cm/Cmk, Pp/Ppk, Cp/Cpk, control limits calculations
  • Online monitoring of all inspection orders with customizable QM control post
  • Customizable inspection strategy for customer and supplier-specific inspection plans
  • Integrated CAD viewer with automated seal/stamp for drawing characteristics
  • Embedding of graphics, digital and scanned photos, texts, tables, videos, AutoSketch, AutoCad, and elements from many other Windows applications. Made possible through full Windows OLE-support
  • Integrated generation of certificates with full support of supplier certificates
  • Online connection of all available measuring systems, analysis and laboratory gauges

Flawless Inspection Planning – One Tool to Take Care of it All

Thanks to its modular design, CAQ-Compact.Net is able to tackle every challenge of modern-day quality and process management. It is powerful software that fulfills all your quality-related requirements: one solution to all your problems. You don’t need individual modules from different software companies with different user interfaces or concepts of operation, no manual compilation of incoming goods inspections or supplier evaluations. Instead,CAQ-Compact.Net provides you with incoming and outbound goods inspections as well as process inspections in just one solution – all with one common interface and one concept of operation. This means you can combine all your product inspections in one inspection plan category and compile their individual inspection orders in e.g. one stock list.

One Solution for all Users and Branches of Industry

Regardless of whether you run a manufacturing company that requires detailed process monitoring functions, manage a service provider that needs inspections of service quality or assessments of customer satisfaction, supply parts for the automobile or foodstuffs industry, construct medical technology products, farm machinery or semiconductors – there is no limit to the possible fields of application forCAQ-Compact.Net. Users from within a vast variety of industries all lay their trust inCAQ-Compact.Netand greatly appreciate its performance, security, and flexibility in their everyday work.

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