Biodesma SL

Biodesma SL


We work in the implementation of marine farms in tropical regions where currently there are interesting opportunities. Marine fish and shellfish are being grown successfully in countries in Africa and Central and South America. The aquaculture technology at our disposal allows profitable resource availability in tropical countries and the advantages of highly technical production systems as in the case traditional crop species such as bream and sea bass. The systemic approach involves adapting and applying technology in each case, and field research involving the use of systems analysis tools to provide reliable information to the investors for making investment decisions.

Only a few species are being used in aquaculture, despite the high potential of other species.

In our laboratories are working on the identification of our species, rehearsing different cultivation methods and identifying those that generate better results and greater profitability for businesses.

We can offer a catalogue of new species with potential for aquaculture which have current growing technology, selected locations and an approach to business planning.

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