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Inventory miscounts, shrink, errors in data entry, theft and fraud can quickly eat into your margins. i21 gives you the ability to instantly check costs and prices to ensure a specific or class of product is acceptably margined. As your inventory becomes more accurate, it’s streamlined to increase cash flow and reduce risk. Quickly access customer data and establish various pricing levels for quantity and/or wholesale purchasers. Reward customer loyalty and commit business using volume, contractor, and contract pricing. With iRely, managing your agri-business retail operation has never been easier!

Leverage an integrated POS

Take your retail operations to the next level. For businesses that operate farm stores, hardware stores, and/or TBA outlets, iRely offers a built-in POS with scanning and signature capture capabilities. Scanning is widely recognized as the single most cost-effective way to improve customer satisfaction while reducing shrink and pricing errors. Scanning improves inventory tracking, customer wait time, and frees up employees to do other tasks around the store.

iRely’s integrated POS unleashes a host of additional benefits for cooperatives and multi-divisional agri-businesses. iRely POS integration allows you to track patronage, apply purchases to customer invoices, and enforce credit limits on accounts. The result? Better managed customer and member accounts, increased efficiencies, a reduction in bad debts, and increased customer service.

One-click to customer information

iRely delivers a unique tool to save time, improve your customer response time, and reduce employee strain due to untimely interruptions. That tool is iRely ONE CLICK. With ONE CLICK you can instantly tell your customers the credit on their accounts, amount due, and complete contract pricing history from ANYWHERE within iRely.

This increased functionality also allows for better credit management. ONE CLICK allows you to track customer accounts and act accordingly with information on customer account notes, credit stop days and credit limits. These limits are the same limits applied across all divisions, stores, and locations.

Automate inventory tracking

iRely provides the tools you need to quickly and easily manage your inventory. Prevent profit loss associated with excessive shrink and human error. Automate your inventory receiving and tracking with iRely. Scan in inventory at receipt and compare to quantities ordered to quickly identify missing, broken, or incorrect products. If your vendor does not supply shelf tags, iRely gives you the ability to print tags directly from the system. This ensures your customers see correct pricing in addition to facilitating the counting of physical inventory.

Improve physical inventory counts

iRely makes it easier than ever to conduct physical inventories! Conduct physical inventories at any time during the month, saving time at month-end by identifying and resolving problems sooner. iRely allows you to identify intentional and/or unintentional shrinkage quickly and objectively.

Improve cost/price tracking

Do you spend hours updating prices and making sure those prices are correct for volume or contract customers? iRely allows you to quickly and easily track, import, and change inventory costs and prices. iRely provides powerful in-system tools to quickly and easily update both price and cost changes across your organization. Because retail functions are built directly into iRely, you can take advantage of iRely’s ability to price based on volume, contract, and customer. This enables you to reward customer loyalty and commit business with discounts.

Do your vendors supply you with electronic price lists? iRely offers vendor interfaces for common agribusiness suppliers such as Orgil, Bostic, Do it Best and others. Additionally, iRely offers a generic price import that allows you to manipulate supplier price sheets and import them into your system. This data flows through the system allowing you to accurately account for inventory levels, sales, and profit margins.

Analyze customer and sales data

Quickly analyze critical information such as top customers and products. Identify break-even points. Examine product sales and uncover which products are making you money and which products are simply collecting dust. Expose which products were sold in certain periods. Compare this data across other periods, analyzing trends, and key competitive analysis. Is a product no longer in demand? Are you losing a portion of your business to a competitor? Are you getting the margins you want from each unit? These questions and more can be answered within iRely.

Track inventory

iRely tracks inventory you have on-hand, committed, and on-order, as well as, reorder points and minimum order quantities. This allows you to make more informed purchasing and merchandising decisions. Know with certainty where your inventory levels stand thanks to the ability to scan product while performing physical inventories. And, easily transfer inventory between retail locations and reallocate purchases for improved costing and auditing.

Easily manage staff

iRely offers integrated payroll and time entry. In iRely, full-time and seasonal employee hours are tracked and then sent to the home office for payroll processing. iRely Payroll helps you maintain employee payroll information, calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print payroll checks. Eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time preparing taxes.

Improve end of day procedures

iRely creates labor savings from improved end-of-day procedures that reconcile cash with external transactions, such as credit cards, coupons, and store deposits. This information then flows from store to home office, saving time and eliminating double-entry errors.

When it comes time to print deposits, you can run an iRely report listing all payments on account, other income transactions and cash sales received. The information listed will include the check or reference number, the customer’s name and the amount of payment. This report can then be used as your deposit slip for the bank.

With iRely, your end of day processing prints an audit report, updates files and creates G/L entries so you’re not duplicating these tasks in the back office.

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