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RFID Tracking Systems Software

IMEC Technologies should be your first choice for sourcing high quality RFID Tracking Systems. We use the latest software and tracking technologies to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding requirements. RFID (radio frequency identifier) tags are small tags that can be read by wireless, non-contact readers. They are used to track and manage assets (such as computer equipment, printed documents or food products) and people.

  • Reduced loss from theft of assets such as laptops or tools
  • Improved process automation – accurate real-time insight into the movement of parts and materials enables production to be made more efficient
  • Accurate tracking of sensitive documents or valuable assets
  • Improved safety for lone workers who work remotely
  • Improved utilization of assets – items are not left unused
  • Increased productivity – time is not wasted tying to search for and find assets or equipment
  • Proven, reliable technology – IMEC have a long and successful track record in deploying RFID tracking systems

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