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The detection of health problems in cattle is difficult and often late. For this reason Medria has developed the San’Phone to help you to early detect animals needing special care. The San’Phone makes it possible to increase the curative efficacy of treatments and reduces losses in production and reproduction. Finally, it keeps an eye on the well-being of the animals and facilitates more targeted use of antibiotics.

The San’Phone®sensors
Every 5 minutes the Thermobolus® measures and records the ruminal temperature of ruminants and sends the data to Medria Box®. Two sizes are available: Large for cows and young cattle from 6 months and Small for calves from 8 days and small ruminants.
The San’Phone® is the perfect complement to the FeedPhone® for detecting nutritional disorders.

Qualification of problems

Le San’Phone® analyse l’amplitude et la durée des fièvres dans le but de qualifier les troubles de la santé et de vous informer par SMS des différentes alertes santé : hyperthermies, fièvres de longue durée, hypothermies ou fièvres passagères.
Vous pouvez ainsi adapter votre attention et votre intervention e fonction des informations précises fournies sur le SmartDWS® et sur DWS®.

For all ruminants

The San’Phone® adapts to all categories of ruminants and livestock production farms by means of algorithms and different sizes of the ThermoBolus®. It meets your needs by enabling you to set your alert criteria on DWS®.

Monitoring water consumption

With the ruminal temperature, the San’Phone® closely moitors each animal’s water consumption to detect health disorders as well as defaults in the water supply system.

One procedure for the animal’s entire life

The ThermoBolus® is administered easily with a bolus gun. Once it is swallowed it remains in the animal’s rumen for life.

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