- Grain Accounting System

This powerful software saves time, time and more time. Imagine never filling out a hand written scale ticket again. You'll never have to manually enter a ticket into an accounting system, with ScaleTrac the tickets are already in there. ScaleTrac also eliminates potential entry errors by capturing weights electronically and calculating each ticket with computer accuracy.

And yet the best part of ScaleTrac is the printed tickets you are able to provide for your customers. ScaleTrac can be configured with rich ticket detail including discounts, gross and net bushels, prices, disposition information, gross and net dollar values, and contract balances. Alternatively you may choose to furnish a simple scale ticket showing only gross, tare and net weights and gross bushels. For split tickets, ScaleTrac will detail the number of bushels each tenant and landlord is receiving. Farmers like these tickets, the proof is in the detail!

ScaleTrac was designed by people from the grain industry. That means ScaleTrac is designed to work the way grain elevators do business. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be in the queue waiting for the the truck to return for the gross or tare weight. Grades can be added to scale tickets any time. Freight information and truck descriptions can be recorded. There is also a space for you to include daily messages for your customers. ScaleTrac is fast, you won't have to worry about holding up the line at the scale. Add a Remote Ticket Printer(RTP) for an even faster operation. ScaleTickets are printer direct to your drivers cab!

The jury is in, our customers are giving us glowing reports. They say that by using ScaleTrac, they can use less part time help during the busy harvest season and they are getting done sooner. The ScaleTrac software is sure to pay it's way in the first season's use. Each year after just adds to your pleasure and satisfaction.

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