- Handwriting Scale Tickets Software



This powerful software saves time, imagine never handwriting scale tickets again! ScaleTrac also eliminates potential entry errors by capturing weight electronically and calculating each ticket with computer accuracy.

  • Integrates with modern scale indicators
  • Simple to use, no computer experience needed (Touch Screen Technology)
  • Integrates with all Moisture Meters
  • Prints scale tickets on plain paper
  • Calculates Dry Charges, shrink, and net bushels.
  • NTEP Approved
  • Integrates to Near Infrared Devices (NIR)
  • Tracks field/farm yield history
  • Tenant/Landlord Splits
  • Tracks outbound Shipments
  • Track Trucks & Freight Charges
  • Integrates with popular commodity accounting systems.

ScaleTrac can also be configured to operate unattended by using our Fully Automated Grain ATM Kiosk *Powered by ScaleTrac. Scale tickets can also be automatically be printed using our Vertical Outdoor Remote Ticket Printer.

ScaleTrac offers exports to Agris™, Agvantage™, Agvance™, Cargill™, Intellego™, Oakland™, and SAP™ systems.

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