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SchedulePro is a finite capacity scheduling (FCS) tool for batch and semi-continuous manufacturing processes. Some typical applications for SchedulePro include: Production Scheduling, Capacity Analysis, Plant Debottlenecking, Cycle Time Reduction, Modeling of Multi-Product Facilities.

SchedulePro uses an intuitive recipe-oriented representation of a manufacturing process. It handles resources such as equipment, work areas, labor, materials, utilities and inventory capacity. It allows for interruptions in the availability of resources to account for shift schedules, holidays, and planned maintenance. SchedulePro is compatible with SuperPro Designer and can readily import its recipes.

To download SchedulePro's full manual (in pdf format), please click here. The posted zip file has a size of 5 MB. If you go through Chapter 4 (the tutorial), you will have a pretty good idea of the capabilities of the tool. To download the ReadMe files (in PDF format) for five domain specific examples, please click here. Information on the contents of the examples follows:

  • Bio-Pilot-Plant: It focuses on modeling and scheduling of biopharmaceutical facilities.
  • Ice-Cream: It explains how to optimize the scheduling of a facility that manufactures a wide variety of ice cream products.
  • Pharma-Tablets: It deals with modeling and scheduling of a facility that manufacturers pharmaceutical tablets.
  • Capacity-Analysis: It explains how to handle capacity analysis and long term planning.
  • CMO-Planning: It explains how to handle production planning (i.e., high-level scheduling).
  • Fill-Finish: It deals with scheduling and planning of a fill-finish facility.

SchedulePro is available for the MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 platforms. It requires a Pentium PC with at least 256 MB of RAM, and 100 MB of free hard disk space.

Key features of SchedulePro

  • Multi-product, multi-plant scheduling
  • Compatibility with SuperPro Designer
  • Handles plant down-time, weekend and holiday schedules
  • Schedules around equipment and material constraints
  • Handles labor and inventory constraints
  • Tracks completion status of scheduled operations
  • Extensive reporting and charting capabilities
  • No programming required


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