- Version 2.0 - Agricultural Drone Data Software


AgVault™ is an image data management platform that’s with you at the office, and in the field. AgVault™ handles all your aerial color, NIR and NDVI data, while AgVault Mobile™ tracks crop growth stages, weeds, compaction, storm damage and more. AgVault Mobile™ photography is stored and managed alongside your aerial drone data making it a comprehensive image data solution. AgVault™ works with any of the best drones available today, including our sentera phoenix, so you’re never locked into a specific piece of hardware.

with you at the field’s edge, AgVault™ is ready to quickly deliver color and NDVI maps moments after landing your drone.   photos are assigned to the right field, categorized by time and type (RGB, NIR, NDVI).    your data is automatically synced with your entire team, or even your customers as soon as you have a data connection.

AgVault Mobile is the premier ground-based crop scouting and UAV autonomous-flight tool. take a picture with AgVault Mobile and it instantly appears on your desktop, sorted by location, time and type. use AgVault Mobile to keep track of crop growth stages, storm damage, pest infestation, weed types, farm equipment and more.  photos from the app are stored alongside your aerial data and can be shared and exported just the same.  AgVault Mobile lets you track everything happening on your land and easily compare it to previous years.

AgVault Mobile allows you to easily fly any DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, or Inspire UAV, taking any guesswork out of flying the drone. the solution provides the agriculture industry with an affordable, end-to-end NDVI solution. AgVault Mobile allows farmers to highlight a field,autonomously fly a UAV, capture precise imagery, manage data, produce QuickTile™ maps, and deliver data to a piece of equipment, all at the field edge.

we’ve partnered with the biggest names in agriculture so your drone data gets where you need it. AgVault was created to supercharge your existing workflows, not create new ones.


we support all types of drones.  we think our sentera phoenix is the best value to collect your farm imagery, but in case you don’t agree, we support many different drones across the marketplace.

you just want the data – it doesn’t have to take hours and hours from supercomputers to get it. AgVault offers QuickTiles that deliver complete field views by tiling your images together.  they’re almost as good, they’re instantly available at the field edge, and they can direct you to the intended area in your field.

Still want full stitching?  we can do that for you too, just send us a note.

AgVault puts a dot every place in your field where there’s an image – mobile or aerial.  photo dots make it quick and simple to see a high resolution RGB or NDVI photo of a specific spot in your field.

Every field, survey, every year.  AgVault keeps all your drone and mobile surveys together, displayed layer by layer.  toggle layers on and off for instant comparisons between any number of datasets.  AgVault makes it easy to understand what’s happening on your land, and then do something about it.

  • simplified map view for every field + all its data (RGB + NIR)
  • automatically match photos with fields + locations
  • QuickTile images at the field’s edge for instant scouting + instant coverage verification*
  • generate unlimited NDVI + crop health maps
  • mobile crop scouting with AgVault mobile + cloud sync
  • layer images and change opacity for better field awareness
  • automatically sync images and data between all your users
  • easily view year-over-year color + NDVI sensor data
  • annotate images + markup photos to highlight trouble spots
  • share images + annotations via email or web
  • import orthorectified mosaics from popular stitching tools
  • export image data anywhere, including to Pix4D and other stitching tools
  • create + export shapefiles (.SHP)
  • export images, maps + data to precision equipment + software such as Apex, SST, SMS, Farm Works Software® and more*
  • store “as-planted”, harvest data and more along with your images and sensor data*
  • support for most any drone available
  • support for disconnected, offline operations at field edges without data connections
  • secure cloud backup of your most important data (100GB/user)
  • live tech support
  • free software updates
  • access to webinars + continuing education

  • Matches photos to fields and locations, displays in a simplified map view with a pin for every field
  • Prepares and formats data for export into common stitching tools including Pix4D, Agisoft, and Autopano Giga
  • Manages all data collections including RGB, NIR, & legacy data
  • Shares data with a team or organization
  • Generates unlimited NDVI and crop health maps
  • Captures ground-based images with mobile app
  • Integrates with nearly any drone and any sensor
  • Ensures data is safe and secure with 100 GB cloud back-up
  • Creates QuickTile™ maps
  • Source and output agnostic
  • Instantaneous synchronization of data between desktop client and mobile app
  • Data is compatible with existing agriculture data analytical software tools including APEX, SST, SMS, and Farm Works

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