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SercoVision enables a clear overview of the control of all automated processes in the company. SercoVision runs on any PC following the Windows standard and is thus easy to review. Sercom has also developed a package with options for SercoVision, making it possible to produce simple graphs and company summaries.

Climate control and irrigation are vital processes in your company. Automation of these processes demands precise control. You want to set the set points as precisely as possible, and you want to know at any particular moment how the whole company is doing. With SercoVision, the practical operating and registration programme of Sercom, you have the greatest access to the controls. You easily obtain an optimal overview of all the settings and realised figures throughout the company. This allows you to optimise your crop and energy
management even further.

SercoVision is easy to operate. The software runs under Windows and connects to the Sercom LCD-control. The navigation programme is orderly, making it simple to select, copy and group blocks. Security is a structural component of the programme so that if you rent out part of your company, the tenant only has access to the relevant blocks or cells.

The SercoVision software is updated annually, ensuring that your settings always reflect the newest insights in the field of climate control and automation. It is also possible to extend SercoVision by adding a number of practical options that allow you to get more out of your automation.

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