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setIT is a object-oriented program for the configuration of telecontrol stations and bay station controller that is based on Windows®. It allows to enter layout structures, process information, parameters and cross-connections in the well established Explorer tree structure. With the integrated edit functions lines of stations, process data groups and characteristics of nodes can be easily adjusted and assembled to complex installations.

  •     Easy and intuit handling
  •     Quick realisation due to our context sensitive input assistance
  •     Plausible and clear with Explorer tree structure
  •     Rapid handling of large data volumes due to import export wizard
  •     Cut / copy / paste of whole lines of stations
  •     Modular download of operating system, firmware and configuration

Tasks of setIT is a quick and secure configuration of installations via IEC 60870-5 protocol
Therefore the cut, copy and paste functions are essential elements of the configuration. All function can be selected over menu or hotkey. Over the context menu all required data inputs can be arrived easily.
The integrated context sensitive configuration passes on mutual settings of installation components. This way it is possible to configurate the entire installation and not each station separately.

setITV 4 with extended functions
The third generation of setIT offers a new graphical interface for a better overview and faster access to various configuration options and clever diagnostic assistance. Furthermore the support of series 5 products such as net-line FW-5 or net-line FW-50 was implemented. Thus, the powerfull integration of TCP/IP networks as well as new configuration via USB memory stick, SD-card  or Bluetooth® is available.

large stations can now be cascaded via Profibus-DP. An enhanced processing performance and additional functions with conformity to IEC 60870-5-101 / -104 complete the operating efficiency.

Free test version & extend the validity of demo licencen
setITcan be used for 30 days without registration or any reduction of functionality. We will gladly sent you an installation CD of setITfor free and without obligation of course. In the case that the span of the demo licence is not long enough it might be extended. For this purpose please sent a message with the subject 'demo-extended setIT' to and you automatically receive a free extension of the demo licence.

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