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 SETSais is a web based Aquaculture Information System for the management and control of inland fisheries and aquaculture. The flexible web based application covers all types of fish and crayfish stock and all types of activity, including catch, hatchery and production in all types of water bodies. Pictures, maps, paper and electronic documents may be archived and linked to the system. Strict security ensures the integrity of the system and allows appropriate access. Customization for specific users needs is available.

1. Aquaculture information processes

SETSais processes include:

  • Registration of all relevant data, including water bodies and water courses, business entities, aquaculture establishments, licenses and lease agreements, economic performance, economic indicators, plans and illustrations;
  • Flexible search options;
  • Generation of a wide variety of reports, including reports by territory, by ownership type, by owner, by production;
  • Evaluation of economic activity and status of the aquaculture and fishery sector;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Export data and reports to Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

The standard processes and their functions can be supplemented depending on user specific needs.

2. Systems Administration Functions

SETSais administration functionality includes:

  • User registration for system access;
  • Creation of a range of access rights;
  • Maintenance of a full set of classifiers and codifiers for aquaculture management;
  • Dynamic generation of reporting documents;
  • Audit record storage and maintenance;
  • Management of help system and system documentation;
  • Collection of professional literature in aquaculture, science, innovations, technologies, visual information and cartographic material;
  • Multi-user/multi-organizational systems administration regime.


  • The SETSais Aquaculture Information System is a flexible web based application built on Ajax technologies. It combines the performance of desktop applications with the availability of web applications by the extensive use of internal frames for loading pages as user interface fragments, and inquiring for relevant data asynchronously through web services.
  • Business functionality is strictly separated from presentation by applying a WCSF structure. This allows rapid modification of existing and creation of new business functionality.
  • A proprietary AjaxViews infrastructure incorporating base classes for the implementation of business functions, an interface for data presentation to the web application and a collection of custom controls and reusable web pages.


  • The current implementation of SETSais is completely based on the Microsoft platform – .NET 3.5, IIS, IE, SQL Server 2008, ASP.Net, ASP.NET AJAX and AJAX Control Toolkit.
  • User authentication and authorization techniques extend ASP.NET Membership and Profile services
  • Reports are generated through SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Graphical support uses the Microsoft Silverlight framework.

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