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Information systems are most effective if they can be easily utilized by a variety of woodlands staff – where all technical information is stored in a centralized repository accessible anywhere and anytime through a web-deployed interface. Through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, Silvacom has developed a suite of applications that focus on forest planning and operations. By delivering GIS and data management services through the Internet, organizations do not have to invest in their own infrastructure and staff to build and maintain expensive systems.

Since 2001, Silvacom Online has been serving the forest industry with a variety of purpose-built programs which have been significantly improved over the years. In this cloud computing model, our clients’ technical, spatial and business data is hosted at Silvacom’s trusted data centre. Custom service packages are created by choosing from a set of available applications that specifically fit an organization’s needs.

Silvacom has designed award-winning graphical interfaces that make it easy to use our web applications.

Users operate within a secure web environment to input information, extract data, generate analytical reports and create maps for distribution or printing.

Silvacom’s suite of online forest management applications includes the following:

FMS (Forest Management System):

  1. Harvest Planner
  2. Silviculture Planner
  3. Spatial Viewer
  4. Harvest Tracker
  5. SHS Manager
  6. Maps Online
  7. File Exchange
  8. Spatial Data Exchange
Silvacom’s Forest Management System is Comprehensive and Cost Effective

Silvacom has developed a sophisticated suite of online forest management applications. We continue to invest in existing applications as well as in creating new web-based services.

Silvacom’s consulting groups provide real-world testing and end-user feedback that significantly improves performance and user experience. Customization is often required to fit our clients’ needs. Completely new, company-specific applications are developed on a project-by-project basis and deployed within the Silvacom Online system.

Consultation Tracker

A full-featured and purpose-built application designed to manage stakeholder engagement information, contact data and communications details. Specific information is available at

Land Use Tracker

A web application to track and manage timber damage assessment and collection activities between forestry companies and other stakeholders on the land base.

Road Use Agreements

An application designed to manage road use agreements, service charges and invoicing.

Data Extract

An easy-to-use utility to extract spatial data from Silvacom Online for offline GIS geoprocessing, mapping or custom analysis and reporting.

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