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SIMBAX is a decision support tool built specifically to fulfill the needs of the process industries in the area of material flow simulation. It has been developed over many years of close cooperation between chemical and process engineers of multinational companies and the experts of AICOS Technologies. One of the main software design objectives has been to guarantee that chemists and process engineers having no background in simulation can learn very quickly to work with the system. Therefore, their usual terminology and symbolism are used in most concepts of SIMBAX and of course in its interface.

Whichever kind of study you perform:

  • design of complex batch and semi continuous processes,
  • re-engineering of existing processes and material flows,
  • optimization of a multipurpose plant,
  • design of a plant extension
  • improvement of operational production planning policies,

the key issues aredebottleneckingand/orproduction capacity analysis.SIMBAX allows you to quickly evaluate and compare a variety of alternative scenarios in order to easily eliminate bottlenecks and find a solution avoiding non-productive occupation of the equipment and resources.
Example of a Gantt chart (to view it larger, click on chart) 

Combining graphics and text, the SIMBAX interface provides you at any time with a perfect overview of your model, especially of your production processes. Thanks to interactivity and animation, you are always kept informed about the instantaneous simulation status, enabling you to draw provisional conclusions already in an early phase. 

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