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Farming occurs in the field, not in the office. Sirrus is the iPad app for data collection, recommendation editing, and reporting while out among your crops. Utilized by thousands of agronomists and ag service providers, Sirrus helps organizations take their precision ag endeavors to the next level. Scroll down to view the free primary features of Sirrus.

Sirrus makes boundary collection a cinch with georeferenced imagery and external GPS compatibility.

  • Collect/edit boundaries using high-resolution, georeferenced background imagery
  • Use an iPad compatible GPS receiver for boundary collection/editing
  • Split fields, union boundaries, and remove uncultivated areas
  • Calculate acres/hectares
  • Pivot tools make creating center-pivot boundaries easy
  • Edit boundary vertices when field boundaries change

Sirrus has all of the features needed for intensive soil sampling services.

  • Sample by grid or zone
  • Square or rectangle grids
  • Custom grid size and placement
  • Grid various polygons individually
  • Draw a navigation route & change during collection
  • Skip/Back up navigation during collection
  • Custom Sample/Zone ID, depth, and subsoil options
  • Generate sampling reports with barcodes
  • Resample using points from previous seasons
  • Seamlessly sync data with agX Compliant soil test labs
  • View lab test results by point

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