- Unattended Scale Operation


SMSTurbo’s Unattended Scale Operation module provides for unattended scale ticketing, partially unattended scale ticketing, and remotely attended ticketing options through SMSTurbo’s integration with programmable scale indicators. This highly configurable option allows for the use of vehicle RFID tags, magnetic stripe readers, bar code readers, proximity tags, video image capture and remote ticket printing. Systems can be configured for use in a nearby scale house or unattended kiosks are available for mounting directly on the scale. Drivers can process transactions without ever having to leave their truck. Swing away mounting arms can protect valuable kiosk hardware. Unattended kiosks are designed for use in nearly any climate, environment, or conditions. Partially Unattended Scale Ticketing can greatly reduce the amount of traffic that needs to go over your operator attended scales.

Remotely Attended Scale Ticketing can be performed for remote sites from hundreds of miles away. Remotely attended ticketing is a perfect solution for seasonal sites, temporary sites, or any place that it is not economical to maintain a full-time weigh master.

Unattended scale systems are extremely reliable. Our unattended solutions allows ticketing operations to proceed without Weigh Master intervention. Gates and lights can be controlled and messages can be displayed to the driver as they approach the scale. Return on investment for an unattended ticketing solution in often measured in months.

Key Benefits

  • After hours operation with less overhead
  • Interfaces with video/picture capturing
  • No middle man (weigh master) needed
  • Tickets can be updated manually when needed
  • RF, Mag Strip, and Bar Coded control options
  • Great for exit scale operations when you only need to complete the ticket
  • Control gates and light for security
  • Unattended never calls in sick

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