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Managing a profitable farming operation requires having quality data to make quality decisions. Of course, no one likes managing data. That's why StocKeeper was created. We've developed a program that is very easy to use, and makes it a breeze to create and generate the reports needed to best manage your livestock operations. We also understand that no two farms are the same, and have therefore created a program that is also incredibly versatile in it's ability to be customized by the individual user. StocKeeper is one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, livestock management software applications on the market. It has been tailored to fit the needs of today's dairy and livestock industry through the input of hundreds of farmers, veterinarians and consultants just like yourself. One of Herd-Pro Software's top priorities has been to create a program that is, first and foremost, easy to use.

The StocKeeper interface is truly unique in the livestock management software industry. In addition to StocKeeper's easy-to-use interface, it also has a powerful toolbox of features to handle the management of your herd's medical, fertility, production and pedigree information. Each animal in your herd retains a lifetime record...even after it is culled from the herd...offering an amazing amount of information to mark herd performance over time. Combine that with the extensive customizable features and you have one of the most powerful and flexible applications on the market.

Please take a closer look at StocKeeper by browsing through this section of our web site. You can take a detailed look at StocKeeper's powerful features and the wide range of reports available. The screen shots section will give you a closer look at how the software works. The multiple language support and compatibility information will give you an idea of the different ways that StocKeeper can communicate with your employees and other data services such as milk meter systems and DHI Associations. And don't forget that StocKeeper can also be used for beef as well as goat and sheep management.

Don't forget to take a look at StocKeeper Companion, our new Palm OS software that let's you take all of your StocKeeper data into the field with you.

erd-Pro Software has been in the business of developing and supporting livestock management software for several years. Over the years we have always taken pride in the fact that we listen to our users. If one of our users has a feature request, we take it seriously and, more often than not, that feature request becomes part of the software. We've taken this philosophy one step further with the release of StocKeeper. We've combined the powerful features that our users expect with evaluations from leading universities and dairy consultants and, finally, added several ways for the individual to further customize the software. Below is a quick overview of the main features that can be found in StocKeeper.

And don't forget that we are always listening to our users. If you have an idea or need you'd like to share with us, please contact us.

A list of features that can be found in StocKeeper:

Easy-to-use InterfaceStocKeeper is built using familiar Microsoft Windows interface conventions. If you know how to use Windows, you will have not trouble learning StocKeeper. If you are not familiar with Windows, no worries...StocKeeper comes with a complete help file system, video tutorials, and the innovative StocKeeper Assistant, which will take you step-by-step through all of the common features.Full featured handheld version

You can use StocKeeper Companion Palm OS Software to take all of your data into the field with you. In addition to being able to look up any information on any animal while you are in the field, you can also enter all of your data on the Palm OS handheld. When you are finished for the day, one button push will import all of your data into your desktop computer.

Powerful Reporting

StocKeeper comes with an extensive set of built-in reports. The included reports cover Fertility, Production, Medical, and Pedigree information. Popular reports include the Task Watch List, Herd Check Report, Animal and Barn cards, and Lactation Curves Reports. In addition to the built-in reports, you can create and save an unlimited number of custom reports, selecting the specific information you need. These reports can all be viewed on-screen, printed, exported to Excel, or saved as PDF files for future reference or to send via email or post to a web site. For more information, take a look at the reports page.

Complete Customization

We've made StocKeeper one of the most customizable livestock management programs out there. Just a few of the features you can customize to specifically meet the needs of your farm include: 

  • Medical Terminology
  • Group and Location names
  • Milking Options
  • Animal Time Intervals (such as dry period, length of gestation, number of days bred before checking for pregnancy, etc.)
  • Warning Variables (for the Task Watch List)
  • Custom Fields for tracking unique data.

Multiple Language Support

StocKeeper can support multiple languages. We currently offer Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese with more to come. Since StocKeeper can easily switch between languages while you are working, it makes it not only ideal for users of StocKeeper outside of North America, but can greatly assist in the management of farms that employ herd managers that speak multiple languages.

Share Data with DHIA, Milk Meters and more...

StocKeeper interfaces with many of the DHI Associations and Milk Metering systems on the market. We also interface with the HeatWatch Estrus Detection System and the Holstein Association's Red Book AI Sire Database. We can also input DairyComp 305, DairyQuest and Herd-Pro data so you do not need to re-enter all of your already created herd data. We're always adding more interfaces so please contact us if you need to interface with another product. Visit our Compatibility page for more information on the products and services we interface with.

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