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We pride ourselves on research excellence - bringing our R&D breakthroughs into commercial application to accelerate the algal biotechnology industry. Our microalgal strain engineering suite of services and technologies has been successfully applied by us in a broad range of eukaryotic microalgal strains - including industrially-relevant strains such as, but not limited to, Chlorella spp, Nannochloropsis spp, Haematococcus pluvialis and Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

Our platform has been developed with broadly applicable tools and approaches such that we have the confidence to claim that any eukaryotic microalgal strain can be domesticated to drive it into a position where its commercial potential can be fully investigated and explored.

Our suite of approaches incorporates synthetic biology core principles of precision and predictability to give consistent strain performance. We have addressed issues including the stability of engineered strains and the lack of available molecular toolkits in order to drive stable gene expression within specific strains. 

We also have developed a broadly applicable rapid, forward genetics driven strain engineering platform to identify genetic targets within essentially any eukaryotic microalgal strain for modification of metabolic output and specific traits. This process drives an Intellectual Property (IP) pipeline as many of the 'hits' that are identified in this way are not hits that would be immediately predictable or identified within a candidate gene approach. This is, in part, due to the relatively limited understanding of metabolic networks within this group of organisms. Identification of novel native gene hits, where mutation results in a significant and desirable shift in metabolic output or growth, opens up the potential for the application of genome editing approaches in microalgal strains. 

At the end of the day, engineering strains in a commercial sense is about one thing - economic production of the final product. Whether this might be to improve the output of an existing product or to produce an entirely new chemical in a preferred microalgal chassis host organism, we are excited to be driving innovation in this regard. 


  • Improved production of desirable fatty acids or production of desirable fatty acids in an industrially-scalable host.
  • Broadly applicable process with proven applicability to commercially relevant microalgal strains.
  • Forward genetics process with validated genetic target identification and novel IP generation.
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  • Recombinant proteins produced in a new platform/host.
  • Functionalised biomass or specific, high value products.
  • Expression of higher plant enzymes and proteins.
  • Bio-based solutions to meet sustainability and performance needs.
  • Functionalised, high protein algal biomass.
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Secondary Metabolites

  • Improved output of microalgal secondary metabolites.
  • Engineering new pathways into algae.
  • Making plant secondary metabolites for pharma, ag-chem or other applications accessible.
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