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- Total Sheep Flock Management Software


Sum-It's Total Sheep Management software is designed to handle all aspects of flock recording. Starter Total Sheep will record activities and movements on a simple flock basis whereas Standard Total Sheep provides individual ewe records. Both levels help you to comply with statutory and assurance record-keeping requirements. Choose from either Starter or Standard levels and both modules will integrate seamlessly with the Accounts module.

With Total Sheep you can:

  • Keep a full Flock Register
  • View Individual Ewe Records
  • Download lists of EID Tags from EID Readers
  • Maintain a full Medical Book to Assurance standards
  • Analyse Lamb Sales performance
  • Identify Flock Gross Margins
  • Retain unlimited Pedigree records for each animal
  • Calculate N kg/Ha generated by all livestock on-farm and storage needed
  • Make Culling decisions on facts not 'gut instinct'
  • Access your Ewe records outside at any time on a smartphone or tablet
  • Track bloodlines through Animal Relations report
  • Run multiple flocks on just one program

Total Starter Sheep is designed to provide an electronic Flock Register, holding all movement details and lambing numbers. Running totals of flock sizes are available at any time. Full health records are stored to Assurance standards. Flock Gross Margins and Lamb Sales figures can also be analysed.

Total Standard Sheep is designed for those who record their flock on an individual ewe basis. Incorporating all facilities from the Starter Level, this program goes onto hold each ewe's record with a comprehensive history of the animal, including all lambings, health and genealogy data. Records can be input on either individual or block methods and a wide range of flexible reports enable you to analyse the flock's performance by any criteria.

Using the Total Standard Sheep program, from November 2013 you can record any event as it happens with the Total Sheep App running on an Android smartphone or tablet. This imports the sheep data from Total Standard Sheep onto the device to either review the status of each animal or input new events, such as lambings, drug treatments and weights as you do them outside. This data can then be synchronised with Total Sheep back on the office PC via WifI at anytime.

Total Sheep also links with a range of EID Readers and Loggers.

The Electronic Weigher Interface Module links Total Standard Sheep to Trutest, Gallagher and Iconix electronic scales to import weights automatically.

  • Individual Ewe Records
  • Links to EID Readers
  • Statutory Movement Reports
  • Generates Assurance Reports
  • Detailed Costings Analysis
  • Full Pedigree Records
  • Access your Sheep Data on a smartphone (from Nov 2013)
  • Integrates with Total Accounts

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