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Surveyomat is software for surveying your fields by GPS. By driving around the field, Field boundaries are recorded and the areas are calculated. Field areas, soil sample positions and obstacles are recorded. This date can be used to return to the soil sample positions and avoid obstacles.


The software automatically records data in *.kmz files ,which allows the data to be overlaid on the free PC software Google earth. Importantly the data can be used in the Pocket-PC software Guidomat, which is for parallel driving. Guidomat is also available from Satconsystem.

Guidomat is a parallel/contour driving-aid, when spraying, spreading fertiliser and harvesting. Depending on the field boundary a choice between parallel and contour driving is available. For parallel driving, point A is recorded at the beginning point B is recorded at the end of the first line. From this line Guidomat calculates the parallels for the rest of the field. The generated file is saved as a *.kmz file which can be opened in Google earth and evaluated.

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