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T3 Pocket Payroll is a mobile time and attendance plus piece tracking system for businesses with a need to speed up the collection of data as well as capturing accurate data for their employees. Pocket Payroll makes payroll record keeping easy and less time consuming. The user friendly interface allows the user to collect time information, activity, and cost associations.

The Pocket Payroll software allows the user to import in information from your handheld devices or time clocks, and add employees, crews, and costing units/subunit categories to the system. Once this information is brought into the system, the user has the ability to edit and delete any unwanted information. 

Create multiple reports associated with time spent on jobs, pieces picked or made, minimum wage calculations, and ticket production reports. There are six base reports to the system: Hours, Pieces, Start/Stop, Minimum Wage Report, Ticket Report, and Time Report. New reports can be produced to the client's needs. You can filter these reports by jobs, fields, and other work categories that are setup in the system for our clients.

Reports can be saved in HTML format to be emailed for easy viewing by other interested parties. Once the data is captured, the Pocket Payroll PC software allows the user to export the information into an accounting package for easy check printing and record keeping.

Speed of Collection

The Pocket Payroll system captures the employee ID number by scanning the individual's card associating that information with the unit for which the work is done and the activity they are preforming. Tracking of production is done through bar coding, enabling you to create a chain of possession for that product. This information is then displayed on the Pocket PC unit for the manager to view, and then logged into the history. 

The manager then has the ability to check the data for accuracy, print off receipts for the workers, and communicate that data back to the office. This information is synchronized onto the desktop PC with the Pocket Pay PC application. In short, Pocket Pay allows you to capture hour and piece rate payroll information electronically, enabling you to increase the speed of the data collection and accuracy of the collection.

Leading Edge Technology

To accomplish these tasks, T3 has combined several technologies into one system:

  • Bar Code Scanning
  • ID Cards
  • GPS/Weight Scaling Units
  • Pocket Pc Handhelds/Kiosk Units
  • Pocket PayRoll Smart Phone app
  • Pocket Payroll Smart Phone

The Pocket Payroll Smart Phone app was designed for our customers that have wandering employees. These employees may work one in a location two hours away from the office one day, and then in an offsite maintenance shed the next. The App allows the user to log into a job and, with a push of button, start and stop their time as well as record breaks and lunch. The app then transfers the data to the software to display it just as it would the regular times from the handhelds and clocks.

Production Management:

Pocket Pay enables you to collect your piece rate data with a GPS unit while you are collecting payroll information. For Ag workers, this allows you to process the data in a yield map format designating the areas of the field from which the product came. This data can then be used to make agronomical plans to better manage crop inputs.

Data Integration:

T3's information can then be integrated with your current software solutions to allow for quick and easy data sharing. 

T3 Pocket Pay PC runs with our Pocket PayRoll Handheld units, Pocket PayRoll Time Clock, or the Pocket PayRoll App. 

The main reason to use Pocket Pay PC software to work with your payroll information is:       

  • Speed of Reporting
  • Ease of Editing Data
  • Robust Reporting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Exporting to Accounting System
  • Off-Site Crews

Collecting your payroll and production data through T3's hand held and time clock technologies makes the process of payroll management a much faster and more accurate process. This information allows you to increase the productivity of your business without creating more time consuming headaches.

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