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- Smart Reporting Software


Trackacow synchronises with ENGS’ user friendly EcoHerd Software – a powerful but easy to use system which will do as little or as much as you require. In-depth analysis software included with each system to allow interesting statistical analysis of events etc.

  • Ready for service – Cows in heat that are ready for insemination
  • Suspected in Heat – High activity cows that may be in heat
  • Cows in Heat – Cows with Insemination event
  • Activity increase – Any irregular activity
  • Inactive tags – Missing tags etc
  • Lying standing ratio – Reports indication of health i.e.mastitis, lameness etc.

  • Activity graph in convenient sliding windows
  • Full choice of resolution 1-24 hours with zoom function
  • Up to 30 days history in view
  • Posture – Lying and standing overlay
  • Selected Lactation, current and historical
  • Multiple Lactation
  • Milkmeter information (compatible systems)
  • Exportable to printers etc

  • Highly effective long range monitoring over 2,000 metres
  • Real time data transmission every 4-6 minutes
  • Low cost wireless connection

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