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ARM Trial Database is a relational Access database for storing and retrieving trials based on standard ARM “GDMdef” study definitions. ARM directly exports and imports trials in the database, and Microsoft Office™ products can be used to build customized reports for trials extracted from the database.

ATD stores all information in an ARM trial, making the database a convenient long term repository for trial information. Trial information is protected in ATD database, to prevent changing of information in a way that would violate GEP or GLP requirements. Only ARM users with a valid ATD license are allowed to export trials to the database, providing an additional level of protection against accidental trial changes in the database.
Use ATD to:
  • Make a full backup of all information in an ARM trial, including attachments.
  • Share ARM trials across a network.
  • Select trials in ATD, and use Microsoft Word™ to print multi-trial documents summarizing site or application details for sponsor reports or to support product registrations.
  • Select trials in ATD, and then summarize all assessments in those trials with ARM ST.

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