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Food processors are looking to agriculture technology software solutions that provide easy-to-use tools for traceability and sustainability initiatives. Trimble’s Food Traceability Software is answering the call with an efficient, mobile-friendly grower management, contracting, and traceability solution that is second to none. Now, food processors can access streamlined, integrated visibility across their entire supply chain.  Trimble has emerged as a reliable global leader in this space, committed to the future of sustainable agriculture with the efficient, mobile-friendly and simple-to-use software needed to make it happen. What makes Trimble’s offering unique is its scalability — our platform grows as alongside increased demand for data tracking and traceability compliance. From managing ingredient data to meeting regulatory requirements, no other solution can provide the efficiency, power and reliability of Trimble.

Contract/Grower Management

Getting real-time, accurate data from your contract growers can be challenging, but paper records simply are not meeting today’s standards for agriculture data record keeping. Trimble’s Food Traceability Software allows food processors to capture data directly from their field reps and farmers through a simple mobile app, driving transparency and compliance excellence.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting requirements continue to be an important part of keeping customers happy and confident in the food that they purchase. The challenges involved in tracking active ingredient, fertilizer and water usage per farm and per field, while also tracking label rates and weather issues, is no longer a pen-and-paper exercise.

Trimble’s Food Traceability Software makes capturing, verifying and reporting on key metrics a repeatable process that field staff and farmers can participate in, raising confidence levels and assuring customers that the very best practices are used in growing their food.

Quality Verification

Trimble’s Food Traceability Software has the ability to integrate directly with your delivery scales and quality labs, making quality verification for both reporting and contract payment issues a seamless activity. Our custom-configured software allows for multiple quality tiers that can be tied to multiple payment metrics, allowing your company to rest assured that information is driving results at the delivery gate.

Agronomic and Sustainability Tracking

Be prepared for increasingly complex requirements surrounding environmental sustainability and consumer product transparency by using Trimble’s Food Traceability Software to capture environmental, production and agronomic data all in one system.

With built-in sustainability metrics, and on-staff agronomists, Trimble has the ability to strengthen your current efforts aimed at assuring the fields you work with are cared for and productive for generations to come. From nitrogen efficiency to water use efficiency and beyond, Trimble experts and tools can help.

Product Traceability

Now more than ever, consumers expect traceability excellence and Trimble is here to help. We can enable end-to-end traceability from the farm to the fork based on real-time data capture and reliable tracking tools. Just as important, the supply chain benefits from this traceability enable our customers to deliver fresher food products while streamlining logistics. Trimble’s experience in working with some of the biggest food companies in the world means that your technology partner isn’t learning on your time. Our experts come along side your teams to ensure confidence and timely execution in this vital area.

ERP Integration

From payments to inventory, ERP systems run your retail business. At Trimble, we have a professional services team that will make sure that the CRM and precision agriculture services work is integrated so you can have the confidence of knowing the information you are using is up to date and reliable.


HarvestMark provides transparency and connection from the first to the last mile of the supply chain, enabling food producers and retailers to meet food safety requirements, build shopper loyalty, and optimize freshness and quality. Over 400 leading brands and retailers have adopted the HarvestMark platform, including The Kroger Company, Driscoll’s Berries and Coleman Natural.

First Mile: Our traceability solutions are used daily on thousands of farms and ranches throughout North and South America, making us the largest and most trusted provider of food traceability.

Last Mile: Hundreds of food brands leverage our online and mobile platform to power their shopper engagement and loyalty programs. Every day shoppers use the platform to give feedback and discover more information about their food—such as where and how it’s grown and if its subject to recall.

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