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CattleWorks software is designed to provide the cow/calf producer a simple, but effective method of managing and maintaining herd and animal records. This information can be used to analyze overall herd and animal health, productivity, and profit potential. As with any software, the information and benefit derived is directly proportionate to the effort and accuracy in which information is entered into the program. In comparison to handwritten records the effort is much the same, however the results can be much more beneficial. The authors of CattleWorks are both experienced cattlemen as well as software developers. CattleWorks welcomes any suggestion and or comments you may have about the product.

There are four main sections to the program and each section performs various functions. All entry screens are simple “Windows” based for easy data entry.

Farm Setup: Configure general farm parameters here such as; Pasture Names, Breed Names, Medical Procedures and Financial Transactions. Click here for Farm Setup Walkthrough

Cattle Entry: This is the main section of the program. From this section you enter cattle into the program, move cattle into pastures, record cattle purchases and sales, record births and losses and log all types of medical events associated with each animal. Click here for a Cattle Entry Walkthrough

Cow/Calf Reports and General Reports: These two sections generate various reports that provide information such as; herd inventory, pasture inventory, details on each animal, weaning reports, calf production, cow performance, medical reports, and other reports necessary to better manage your herd.Click here for a Reporting Walkthrough

As the user enters herd data into the CattleWorks program this data is stored in an internal “database”. This data is then available for viewing, editing or generating reports. Every animal that is entered into CattleWorks gets assigned a unique Id # by CattleWorks. This Id # is automatically generated and will never be the same for any two animals. This is important as the amount of data increases in CattleWorks over time. This Id # provides a means to positively identify an animal as other parameters about an animal may be duplicated over time (for example tag #’s will probably be duplicated over a length of time). All of the Reports that are generated by CattleWorks contain this Id # for each animal to make it easier to identify an animal.

As animals are physically removed from the herd, either by death or by sales, they are not removed from the CattleWorks database; they are marked as either, “Sold” or “Died”. Animals that are currently in your herd are marked as “Active”. This process is done automatically by CattleWorks depending upon the users input. The purpose of this is to maintain all information within the database for reporting purposes. (For example you may want to run a report on all animals that were sold last year and compare this to animals sold this year). By always keeping animal records in the database, CattleWorks is able to provide valuable reporting information for better management of the cattle herd. There is no need to worry about filling the database with “old” cattle information; the CattleWorks program is virtually unlimited on the number of animals that can be entered. However, in the event that a user does want to actually delete an animal from the database we have provided this option. In the Edit/View Cattle section there is an option to Delete, this action will permanently delete an animal from the database. (This possibly would be used in the event of a mistaken entry for example).

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