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Version CIR - Colour Infrared Photography


As concerns for the environment grow, colour infrared photography (CIR) offers a unique tool to assist with the assessment of the health and state of vegetation.  It also helps to identify areas of healthy vegetation from non-vegetated areas. The near infrared data is captured at the same time as the standard colour (RGB) aerial photography. The combination of the four bands can be used during specialist image processing techniques such as NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index. Used in conjunction with other geo-spatial data it can assist in the making of informed decisions.

  • Resolution (GSD) between 10cm and 50cm
  • 5cm to 1m accuracy in X&Y
  • Available in uncompressed TIFF format
  • Continually updated
  • NIR, Red and Green bands used
  • Also available as NDVI

  • Crop Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Coastal Management
  • Determine Foliage Health
  • Identify Surface Materials
  • Afforestation & Deforestation Studies
  • Soil Sealing

  • Off-the-shelf coverage
  • High accuracy
  • Ongoing update programme
  • Available for instant download
  • GIS and CAD Ready
  • Compatible with Ordnance Survey products
  • Corresponds to Aerial Photography
  • Flexible licensing terms

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