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Version CX - Communicator Software


The configuration of a PlantControl with the PlantCare Communicator software is easy and convenient. This software allows the definition of irrigation zones and placement of sensors, valves and pumps with one click. The area to be irrigated can be entered as a plan or picture. The configuration data can be downloaded onto a USB stick and then transferred to the PlantControl CX.

  • Graphical configuration of the irrigation controller on PC.
  • Documentation and communication tool for irrigation installers, architects and clients.
  • Import function for images and layouts.
  • Easy definition of irrigation zones.
  • Mapping of soil moisture sensors, valves and pumps.
  • Automatic generation of irrigation settings
  • The irrigation configuration can be loaded onto an USB stick to up-load the data into the PlantControl CX.
  • The irrigation configuration can be stored on the PC as a backup.
  • Extensive export functions for data and graphics.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Supported products: PlantControl CX

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