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Version PMC - Production Control for Broilers and Breeders Software


Poultry production with SKOV’s PMC-Broiler and PMC-Breeder systems (Production Monitoring and Control) was developed to ensure optimum monitoring and control of the production of broilers and breeders.

SKOV’s PMC production control ensures:

  • Correct dosing of feed and water
  • Regulation of lighting
  • Analysis of productivity in the house
  • Possibility of acting in case of disease or incorrect feed
  • Delivery of broilers of a specific weight (Weight On Day)

The PMC systems are based on the DOL 95 production computer with its flexible and efficient feed control system that supplies both chain and pan feeding systems with the correct quantity of feed. DOL 95 works together with the DOL 99B feed weigher which is known for its high accuracy and great reliability.


DOL 95 can measure and monitor water consumption in the house and continuously calculates key figures for water and feed conditions, making it possible to follow the health of the animals and the feed quality on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, the water supply can be controlled, and the DOL 95 water program has 16 periods per 24 hours, which can be varied according to a growth curve.


DOL 95 has a lighting program with up to 16 light periods per 24 hours. Light intensity can also be regulated.

Poultry weighing

The animals are weighed on the DOL 98B poultry weigher (broilers) or on the DOL 97 platform weigher (breeders). The weighers are very accurate and reliable.

Analyses and reports

The DOL 95 computer can store data from current and previous batches. These data can form the basis of an efficiency comparison and analysis. A printer can be connected directly to DOL 95 so that 24-hour and period reports can be printed. 

DOL 95 can be connected to a central PC with the Info Matic management program.

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