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Version Rx-Plus - Drug Tracking Module Software


Rx-Plus drug tracking module for DHI-Plus software—perfect for maintaining FDA regulation compliance and improving or enhancing herd health resulting in better milk production.

Make Drug Tracking Easy

  1. Set up treatment protocols and a custom drug library.
  2. Easily record illnesses or conditions and treatment protocols.
  3. Quickly see withholding times on the Cow Display or printed on reports.
  4. Print drug management reports including treatment lists and withholding lists.

Drug Tracking Features

  • Record veterinarian approved treatment protocols
  • Automated treament protocol lists as diseases are recorded in the system
  • Detailed reporting and printing for each treatment on every animal
  • Automatically calculates both milk and meat withholding times
  • Drug treatment records are backed up securely by DHI-Provo

Related Information

The National Dairy Farm Program has published a manual on the best management practices regarding Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention. The manual is meant to be a quick resource to review antibiotics used in dairy animals and as an educational resource for farm managers to develop management practices to avoid drug-based milk and meat residues.

What Rx-Plus Users Say

Ben Andersen, Andersen Dairy, Declo, Idaho

'The Rx-Plus Drug Tracking module has helped me organize the way we treat our animals. Keeping track of treatments and proper protocol usage of the prescribed drugs we use is vital. This system has allowed me to coordinate our prescribed drug and treatment procedures with our veterinary services team. We know which animals are to be treated with which drug and the proper dosage. Withhold times are calculated and we are able to run reports from DHI-Plus to quickly and easily see all treatment related data. Recording the data is quick and simple. Most importantly, we stay in compliance while producing a high quality product to the dairy industry.'

Tom Sawyer, Diamond S Ranch, Waterford, CA

'With the Rx-Plus module, my herdsmen that are treating the cows always know what to do. The details of the treatment protocol, including dosage, are right there for them to see. A report of the hospital string is generated automatically each morning showing all cows in the hospital string with the day's treatments as well as the withholding times for milk and meat with the date cows can be returned to the milking strings.'

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