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Vistex Farm Management module is a comprehensive, integrated business solution designed specifically for agro-industrial companies – and to support the full life cycle of farm operations. With a toolset that enables efficient day-to-day management, and meets the needs of top managers, Farm Management covers the crop life cycle, compliance and harvest operations, and provides critical data and analytics. No agricultural software brings field and management closer together, enables operational efficiency as effectively, or provides as much business insight.

Embedded in SAP ERP, Farm Management centralizes data execution from the many different agriculture processes and automatically generates controlling, quality, planning and maintenance information. Eliminating the ongoing challenge of costly and inconsistent data entry, Farm Management empowers management to set common goals and establish a shared vision through the interpretation of real-time synchronized data, while increasing end-user productivity.

Planning and Scheduling

Farm Management enables better planning and smarter, more informed decisions by seamlessly integrating the planning processes for plant, nursery, field and harvest operations. The traditional inefficiencies and guesswork associated with budgeting and scheduling are eliminated by utilizing historical information, trending and production goals to automatically determine resources and supplies.

Advanced Processes

Agricultural tasks and processes are easily mapped into Farm Management, offering a repeatable, yet flexible process that meets the most demanding and unique requirements. Farm Management combines costs, time and resources for every task, and is able to register field task execution and benchmark against budgets or industry standards.

Automating Irrigation

Field irrigation needs are determined using remote sensors, manual data or meteorological and soil moisture information. Farm Management aggregates and analyzes this information to generate irrigation and drainage requirements and set irrigation priority. Optimal humidity levels can be determined and accurately monitored – helping you avoid losses associated with inadequate or excess moisture.

Harvest Operations

Farm Management enables the timely delivery of harvested produce to plants or third-party recipients, and incorporates analytical data on harvest scheduling, yield and actual output. With produce receipt, weigh-bridge functionality and integration with the Grower Management module of the Agribusiness Suite, Harvest Operations.

Chemical Compliance

With comprehensive chemical application tracking (CAT), Farm Management offers complete control of logistical, regulatory, environmental and safety issues involved in the handling, mixing and application of chemical fertilizers and pest control substances. Integration with external systems and interfaces for regulatory compliance provide conduits for accurate, up-to-date information.

Dynamic Dashboards

Farm Management is fully compatible with the SAP BusinessObjects suite of graphical and dynamic reporting and visualization tools, and was developed completely within SAP. As a result, you have the power of sophisticated reporting tools that allow you to monitor all areas of your business wherever you are.


The Agribusiness Suite mobile application offers growers the ability to use many Farm Management features in the field or elsewhere on the farm. With functionality that is responsive to a variety of field-tested devices (handheld, laptop), the mobile application streamlines the collection and availability of data whenever and wherever you need it.

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