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The Agribusiness Grower Management module is a comprehensive business solution designed specifically for agro-industrial companies – and to support the complex processes within the Buyer-Farmer relationship. Leveraging SAP ERP to gather information, Grower Management centralizes data and enables sophisticated management of the buyer-farmer ecosystem and all its financial and logistical processes.

Grower Management provides the foundation for viable and profitable farmer-buyer relationships with sophisticated tools for contract, financial, logistics and inventory management. And Grower Management reduces data disparity, decreases revenue leakage, accelerates the settlement process, improves visibility and transparency, and ensures adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements. More than any other agriculture software, Grower Management enables successful planning, assessment, operation and analysis.

Contract Management

Sophisticated contract management tools in Grower Management virtually eliminate the inefficiencies that result in revenue leakage. Contracts can carry critical details on crops planted, purchase/sale conditions and quality. And inconsistencies that come with traditional grower information methods are eliminated or quickly and easily reconciled.

Outgrower Support

The ability to provide financial assistance or direct payments for logistical services (such as equipment rentals) can be factored into contracts. Within the Grower Management module, the settlement process is able to integrate this function seamlessly into final calculations, and allocate accurate payouts to farmers. Also, cash advances towards seed, fertilizer and pest control materials can be recorded and settled.

Best Practices

Grower Management tracks performance against best practices to provide critical insight and ensure efficiency and profitability. Tracking includes data from CAT and Irrigation to ensure compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Produce Receipt and Traceability

When implemented with the Farm Management module, Grower Management improves adherence to regulatory requirements, quality control and product traceability (Product Traceability Initiative). The Harvest Operations functionality inside Farm Management streamlines the flow of harvested crops to the production plant and virtually guarantees optimal inventory levels to match market demands. And because Grower Management is seamlessly integrated into SAP, all processes related to inventory, storage and finished goods manufacturing, or sale to a third party, can be included as part of an end-to-end process.

Settlements and Financial Processes

Grower Management enables direct and seamless integration with the FI & CO modules within SAP. Settlements for contracts flow seamlessly from the contract, and all deductions that are to be considered for the final settlement do as well, including upfront provisions, logistics services, loans and advances. This allows for a clear and documented statement to be provided to the farmer.

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