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The simplest on-demand vineyard management software; developed by propeller heads for winegrowers. We make it simple to set up your vineyards and manage all activities through work orders. Try it now, it's free!.

Easy to set up and use.
VitSmarter is a vineyard management software that provides winegrowers the technology to emulate your vineyards, blocks, work orders and more from the real world to a virtual world.

Improve grape quality.
VitSmarter helps you increase quality. Additional benefits include greater uniformity, cost savings, and better operations.

Less office. More vineyards.
VitSmarter takes a fresh, simple approach to vineyard management. Our tools help you spend more time where it matters; in the field with your grapes.

  1. Setup your Vineyards
  2. Setup your Activities
  3. Generate Work Orders
  • Personalize your application

Easy Setup, no learning curve.
Once you've validated your free account, you'll begin by personalizing the data that you will use to create a farm plan.

What is VitSmarter?
VitSmarter is designed with vineyard managers in mind to enable them to spend more time where it matters most: in the vineyard.

How is it used?
You'll use VitSmarter to manage the work orders for mowing, irrigation, fertilizers - and any other activity you need to manage in the vineyard. Our easy-to-use functionality helps you manage your vineyards more efficiently.

  • Fee per User
  • Vineyards
  • Users
  • Peace of Mind Security / Backups
  • Vineyard & Block Data
  • Work Orders
  • Personalized Vineyard Data, Work Activities, and Crews
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Viticulture Wiki
  • Online Feedback
  • User support documentation: Set Up Worksheet, Quick Start Guide, and Detailed User Guide.

VitSmarter provides a radically new way for winegrowers to improve grape quality. VitSmarter enables users to focus on growing better grapes, at a low cost, and free of worries about technology.

In addition to a simple vineyard management system, you will benefit from:

  • Having all your critical information in one place
  • A system you've configured to reflect your practices and terminology
  • Information to help you improve operations, communication, and cost-management
  • A safe, secure and password-protected environment

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