WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 2-Wire



Flexible 2-Wire Solutions for Commercial Landscapes. All-in-One Technology Reduces Install and Wire Costs. Reliable, Automated Savings With the Power of 24/7 Real-Time Visibility and Control.

EPA WaterSense-Approved Scalable Automation with 1 to 48 Station Capacity

Maximize Water Savings with Proven, Reliable Solution

• Precise Scheduling Engine programmed for specific hydrozones by station
• Best daily ET Everywhere TM high resolution, site-specific weather data

Protect Assets with Real-Time Visibility, Alarms and Analysis

• Web-based oversight of single controller, full sites or multiple accounts
• Account or site level reports, field asset tracking and dashboards

Save Time and Costs with Central Control from Anywhere

• Manual station irrigation and alerts by iPhone, Android and Tablet
• One-Touch Customer Support from your mobile device

Easy to Install, Use and Maintain

• Plug-and-play installation features simple program set-up
• Quickly adapts for site changes or future retrofits

Lowest Cost of Ownership with All-in-One Scalable Solutions

• No need for add-ons, weather stations or additional network connections
• Controller Firmware and WeatherTRAK Central software upgrades included

Strongest Customer Support from Install to Operations

• Bilingual, expert technical advice, 6 days a week
• Ongoing training and online resources

Scales from 1 to 48 stations

WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 2-Wire Controller Specifications: 

• Single station decoders for easy installation and troubleshooting – splice kits included
• 3M DBR/Y splice kits required for all electrical wiring connections to the 2-Wire path
• Two master valves and flow sensors supported (2 x direct or 1 x direct, 1 x decoder)
• Compatible with Data Industrial and Netafim RS flow sensors
• Dedicated pump start
• Line surge protection every 500 feet or 5 decoders to protect line against voltage transients
• Decoders also placed at the end of each 2-Wire branch
• Grounded with resistance of 2-Wire to ground of 50 Ω maximum
• WeatherTRAK Wire (Paige Electric P7389D) required for all 2-Wire path applications
• Supports up to two 2-Wire paths with independent line isolation and diagnostics
• Built-in decoder programmer or hand-held programmer, WT2W-HHP
• Cellular radio and first year WeatherTRAK Central service included
• Built-in remote with free WeatherTRAK Mobile app or Pro-Max™-UA, TRC™ Commander 32
• Non-volatile memory stores settings without battery
• Automated valve and decoder fault detection and diagnostics with built-in amp meter

Controller Construction Specifications:

• 16 gauge, wall mount enclosure with key lock entry available in stainless and powder-coated
• UL approved weather-resistant enclosure
• Key-hole mounting for wall mount enclosures makes it easy to install
• Easily adapts to a small 14 gauge pedestal, also available in stainless and powder-coated
• Wall Mount Dimensions: (12” W x 17” H x 5-3/4” D) – Shipping weight 21 lbs.
• Small Pedestal Dimensions: Dimensions: (11-1/4” W x 28” H x 4-1/8” D) – Shipping weight 21 lbs.
• VIT Strong Box Stainless Steel Pedestal Enclosures and Retrofit Chassis options available in front and top entry

Controller Electrical Specifications:

  • Input Power 120 VAC +/- 10%, (60 Hz) or 220 VAC +/- 10%, (60 Hz)
  • Idle State Power 3.0 Watts Maximum
  • Output Power Station: 24VAC Valves up to 600 mA including a pump start
  • Master Valve: 24VAC Valves up to 900 mA
  • Flow Sensor: Loop Current 6.5 mA, 0-400Hz
  • Total Load: 3.0 Amps (80 VA)

Certifications: FCC Certified, EPA WaterSense-Approved, UL Approved

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