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Wexus Technologies Inc.

- Agriculture Energy Management Software


Wexus software remotely connects with your irrigation pumps, buildings & utility smart meters via cloud technology. No equipment needed to get started.

    Remotely track your irrigation pump efficiency. Get alerted to pumps that need maintenance, are at risk of failure, or dropping well water levels.
  • Utility Bill Management
    A “whole farm” approach to energy usage & costs with year-over-year trends, rate analysis, ranch & equipment disaggregation, & easy data export in csv format. Track peak energy usage and demand charges down to the meter.
  • Near Real Time Insight & Controls
    Stream your energy & water data via hardware installed at your irrigation pumps. Remotely verify your irrigation schedule and keep operators in the field on track. Shift irrigation scheduling away from expensive peak hours & remotely shut off pumps.
  • Savings Plan
    Automatically track money & energy saved. Easily find & apply for utility rebates & incentives. Get access to energy & irrigation vendors for customized quotes.
  • Reports & Alerts
    Automated email reports with year-over-year energy cost and pump efficiency trends. Text alerts to your phone that warn you before you’re charged for irrigating during expensive peak hours.
  • GRID + Solar Tracking
    Integrate renewable energy on your farm. Know the actual ROI of your solar investment by automatically tracking net metering bills from your utility & energy production data from your solar provider.
  • Dedicated Energy Engineer
    Get customized analysis, savings advice & monthly check-ins from a Wexus energy engineer.


Wexus’ software and services easily integrate into a variety of ag businesses.


Wexus connects with your utility data to track irrigation pumps, buildings, processing equipment & solar arrays via cloud technology.

No equipment needed to get started.

(Note: real time alerts require add’l equipment under our Enterprise package)

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