The WinAttbg program determines the liquid and roll limits acc. to DIN 18122. The data are entered into the form and can be calculated at the push of a button.


  • General data concerning the project description (such as building project, sampling point, date etc.), which can also be copied from other projects.
  • Data for the determination of the liquid limit: Number of blows, mass of the wet and dry samples, as well as mass of the container.
  • Data for the determination of the roll limit: Mass of the wet and dry samples as well as mass of the container.
  • Natural water content
  • Portion of the passage < 0,002 mm.
  • Data on the oversize grain portion: direct or dry mass and mass of the oversize grain.


  • certainment of a line of best fit for the determination of the liquid limit with up to 5 tests.
  • Possibility of arbitrary not considering outlier tests.
  • The evaluation acc. to the single-point approach only takes place during one measurement.
  • Water contents differing by more than 2% are shown during the determination of the roll limit.
  • Determination of soil group acc. to DIN 18196.
  • Automatic oversize grain correction.
  • Determination of the plasticity index (I P), consistency index (I C), liquidity index (I L) and activity index (I A)


  • Output of all project tests in a printer list.
  • Layout preview.
  • BMP-Export
  • DXF-Export
  • EMF-Export
  • Complete output on the printer inclusive diagrammatic representation.
  • Choice between 1-sheet and 2-sheet output.
  • State form diagram.
  • Plasticity range diagram.
  • Line of best fit diagram.
  • Diagram acc. to DIN 18196 (grid limits variable).

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