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WinChem makes pesticide reporting for California easy and eliminates the need to manually fill out forms. Some of our customers have told us that reports that used to take hours to complete now take only minutes! In addition, many packers and processors want their growers to provide lists of chemicals used on crops.  WinChem 2009 makes this easy to do as well, since all of your pesticide application information has already been entered. 

Key features of WinChem 2009 include:

  • Enter all your sites once with all the information needed for Notice of Intent and Monthly Usage Reports.

  • Chemical information (names, manufacturers, EPA numbers, etc.) are entered once.

  • Enter and print information needed for Notice of Intent, then update information once application has been done.

  • Keeps records of employees who perform applications.

  • Includes safety meeting database.

  • Ease of use features include on-line, context sensitve help, popup selection lists and look-up tables.

  • Notice of Intent prints on California approved blank paper format.

  • Monthly Pesticide Report approved by state of California.

  • Prints WPS Posting Notice listing chemicals applied, active ingredients, and re-entry times.

  • Chemical file maintains inventory balances and cost for each chemical. Balances are automatically updated when an application is entered.

  • Reports listing all applications made for a specific chemical or site.

  • Employee exposure and safety meeting records.

  • Meets the record keeping requirements of other states, including Washington, Oregon and Florida.

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