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WinPig.Net is the new management system from AgroSoft. The program is developed in co-operation with pig producers, consultants and veterinary experts. It is based on more than 25 years of experience and has kept its predecessor’s well-known user-friendliness but has added a number of new and exciting functions and analysis.  WinPig.Net is under constant development to match the requirements of the modern pig producer.

  • Fully customisable data input screens, sow card and reports
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • User-friendly format
  • Filter data input screens to locate exact criteria
  • Set up your most frequently used windows and reports as icons on the desktop
  • Full copy and paste integration with Excel and other software
  • Quick data error recognition and resolution 
  • Set up favourite reports that can be saved and used again
  • Complete “drill down” capability for reports to individual sows and programme calculations 
  • Complete in-depth analysis of all entries possible
  • Total control of data entry parameters
  • Record and analyse your feeding herd by pen, building, section and herd
  • Continuous flow or batch recording in the feeding herd
  • Includes updated versions of familiar WinPig reports
  • Full AgroSoft internet remote support package built in
  • Complete personnel control – manage what each user can view and enter
  • Complete feed, financial and medicine databases to aid input
  • Future developments include importation of feed, slaughter data, gilt entries and forecasting
  • Synchronises with current Pocket PC handheld and in future, with all modern smartphones
  • Available in many different languages

WinPig is the most advanced herd recording and management software currently available in the UK. The program has been developed and is continually updated by a team of programmers who understand the day-to-day priorities of a modern pig business.

WinPig is supported in the UK by a team of pig professionals, all of whom have had extensive practical experience in the industry. Support is tailored to the needs of the customer. Using the latest communications technology, continual software support is provided by an experienced pig support team. 

For new users, WinPig is extremely flexible. It can be set-up in within minutes. The Agrosoft pig team will also help in transferring your existing herd data into WinPig.

WinPig uses the latest technology in order to provide the best possible software solution.

WinPig is modular and can be expanded with one or more modules as desired, these modules allows the user to fully take advantage of its management program without the need for extra registrations.

  • Charts of sows and boars, with individual boundaries.
  • Production levels, graphical representation of ratios over time.
  • Distribution Curves with “hot hits” to find the items.
  • Herd Analysis by litter age.
  • Health Analyses of additional records.
  • Power Analyzer etc.
  • Health Analysis

WinPig is user friendly and very flexible. Installation and start-up happens in a matter of minutes. The major strength of WinPig lies in the short path from the user to our own development team, feedback from our hotline ensures continuous updates and customized software.

We help with installation and commissioning of the program, and if there is data in another program we convert these so that historical data is not lost.

When a new customer is interested, we do offer a trial period.

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