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Agricultural Financial Training


One of the biggest competitive advantages a producer can have is to improve your business skills. Our comprehensive training is designed for agricultural producers looking to proactively take charge of their business.

Modern farm operations are often highly complex business operations, requiring specific management skill sets that go beyond the basics. From financial management and software training to business planning and HR compliance, AgriSolutions’ classes equip you with the skills to better manage all aspects of your operation.

We have over 200 courses available that address the unique needs of the agriculture industry.

Agricultural Financial Training

There is no major business in this country where its managers don’t review key financial documents regularly. Are you doing the same? Our agricultural financial training workshops can help you gain confidence in understanding how to gather and interpret your own financial data., and help you protect your legacy by learning to manage your finances like the pros! All of our financial classes are instructed by experienced Ag financial consultants who work with farmers’ data and finances on a daily basis. Our agricultural financial training courses provide a clear understanding and help develop your financial analysis.

Financial Training includes:

  • Learning basic accounting principles including liquidity, profitability, solvency, and efficiency
  • Analyzing your operation and capital cash flow
  • Evaluating your operation’s working capital requirements
  • Understanding the true profit and costs of your operation

Software Training

Learn from industry experts who are passionate about agriculture and teaching. AgriSolutions offers both instructor-led and online AgManager training courses, customizable to specific needs for your operation. Instructor-led courses are taught by AgManager experts and are available either in person or live streaming online. The courses provide comprehensive AgManager training in a relaxed classroom setting or the comfort of your home. Real life examples are provided, and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their operation. AgManager online classes are pre-recorded and are available 24 hours, seven days a week so you can complete training at your pace. The online training courses give you all the tools, tips, and information you’ll need to feel confident to start working in AgManager.

Farm Business Skills Training

Combines, grain bins, planting, and harvesting are often the mental images associated with farming. While they are a part of farming, modern farming is far more complex than what is behind those mental pictures. Today’s farm owners and managers, need to equip themselves with the training and skills to better manage the business side of their operations to set the culture for success and move ahead further, faster.

Our farm business skills training courses are designed to help you develop management and leadership skills in the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Landowner Relations
  • Peer Groups
  • Transition and Estate Planning
  • Management Development

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