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CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System Training


PP Systems offers training courses on the CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System several times throughout the year. Our next course will take place at our Amesbury, MA (USA) office. Class size is limited to 5 participants to ensure that everyone receives the maximum benefit of attending the course. The course is designed for the first time CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 user as well as those that need a refresher course on the operation and general maintenance of the CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 system.

CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 Training Course

Day 1

Overview of Gas Exchange – Technology and Applications

  • IRGA technology – basis of leaf-level detection of gas exchange
  • Principles of measurement and open-system design
  • Range and general limitations of applications

Introduction to the CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System

  • System hardware overview
  • Software – Menu structure and overview
  • Setting up User and operating environment
  • Getting familiar with measurement display and controls

Performing Leaf Gas Exchange Measurements

  • Initial system checks – electrical/gas connections, chemicals
  • Recording Mode setup (Manual and Timed measurements, Response Curves)
  • Designing and running automated Response Curves

Data Management

  • Downloading options – description of formats and data structure
  • Recalculation of data – CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 software and spreadsheet options
  • Post-processing, data quality control and data interpretation

Day 2 (Optional)

Participants are invited to stay for a second day of training to include:

  • Simultaneous measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange
  • Closed system applications – soil respiration and whole canopy assimilation with CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3
  • General CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 system maintenance
  • System troubleshooting tips
  • More hands-on time with CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3


All participants must bring their own system with them in good working condition. If you would like to have your system serviced in advance of the training course, please contact PP Systems as far in advance as possible (30-45 days minimum) to ensure that your equipment is good to go prior to the training course. If you prefer to ship your system to us in advance, please contact PP Systems for instructions.


The cost of the CIRAS-2/CIRAS-3 training course is $500.00 (Order Number TRN001) and it includes lunch and local transportation between the hotel and our office. All participants are responsible for their own expenses related to travel, meals and lodging. Local lodging reservations will be handled through PP Systems at a nearby hotel.

If you are interested in this training course, please contact PP Systems as soon as possible as class sizes are limited and usually fill up fast.

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