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Creative Problem Solving "FOUNDATION SKILLS"


To improve and enhance each participant's creative thinking skills and problem solving skills. Participants will experience an improvement in their creative thinking skills and see the power and efficiency of using a common problem solving process in a group setting. Problem solving efficiency and meeting effectiveness will improve. Individuals and groups will be able to discover root causes of problems as well as a wider range of solutions. Trial and error can be a slow and costly way to solve problems. This course emphasizes a methodology for organized problem solving. Each participant's creative awareness is ignited and fueled. Participants leave this workshop motivated to think creatively when approaching problems. This is a fun and experiential learning workshop that will be applied to real world problems.

Increased awareness and understanding of creativity resulting in an ability to apply various problem solving tools to improve effectiveness.

  • An improvement in creative attitude:
  • increased curiosity and sensitivity to problems and opportunities for improvement.
  • increased awareness of one's own creative potential and skills.
  • receptivity to others' ideas and input. · more tolerance for ambiguity and unstructured problems.
  • increased desire to initiate new ideas and commitment to act on them.

The ability to use a common problem solving process when working with people from different functions having different styles of operating.

Improved utilization of time while valuing the individual diversity of participants in a problem solving meeting.

Classroom Lecture & Exercises

This course is designed for professional individuals that would like to improve their creative and problem solving ability. Course focuses on proven methodology and practical application.

This course, as all others offered by RTI, can be delivered at your location with the purchaes of 20 seats

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