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- Using Social Media as Business Tools

Social Media are not just for marketing professionals. There are benefits to using social media as business tools in many different areas of businesses. Becoming clear on who your audience is and understanding the possibilities of connecting and engaging with them on social media are the first few steps. Then getting focused on the right messages and being committed to using the tools beyond simply pushing out content can create real value from your use of social media as business tools.

Why should you attend?
Social media are a fast growing set of communications tool. If you want to be successful in business and career you just not ignore these communications tools.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so many other social media platforms are not going to just go away. They will continue to change. Understanding how to use social media differently and better than your competitors is how you will create real business success using social media.

This webinar will focus on the best practices and philosophies of using social media so you can create real value using them.

Areas Covered in the Session:
We will cover these different areas of social media:

Understanding of the benefits and design of a social media strategy.
How to create focus towards your Most Important Viewers on different social media venues.
A broader understanding of why being personal on social media can create real business value.
What social media platforms can provide business value when used properly.
How to decide what social media platforms to use as a business tool.
How to focus your use of social media on your real purpose and goal.
What types of content to use for different social media platforms.
How to measure success when using social media as business tools.
A deeper understanding of social media areas (Profiles, Pages, Groups, etc)
Review of my Top 21 Best Practices for using social media as business tools.
Participants will be more prepared to begin using social media as business tools.
Participants will understand the power of building relevant and meaningful networks across social media
Participants will discover new ideas and opportunities if they begin using social media as business tools.
Who can Benefit:
Human Resources
Customer Service
Business Development
Public Relations
Business Professionals
Business Development
Account Manager

Teddy Burriss of Burriss Consulting, Inc. is a LinkedIn Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Public Speaker and author. Teddy's focus is leading teams of employees to adopt the best practices of using social media as business tools in order for them to better achieve their business development goals. Teddy has spent the past 12 years experimenting with and developing best practices and processes regarding using social media as business tools for a broad array of industries and business roles. Teddy's LinkedIn Professional Development Programs and 1:1 Coaching Programs are designed to guide business professionals through building a Professional Presence, Relevant Network and Trusted Reputation on LinkedIn that supports growing their business.

Date and Time: Aug 06th, 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM ET

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