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Milk Quality – Module 3.22

It is imperative that within a system the end product is given as much attention as the animal system and operator, otherwise the whole dairy system is non-viable. The delegates must realise the number of factors that can effect quality and the measures that need to be taken counter act these.

Module Milk Quality
Module Reference 3.22
Level MEA3
Author Reaseheath College
Pre-requisites MEA2

Intended Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be able to:-

  • Have a full understanding of how and why quality of milk needs to be kept paramount in relation to the purchaser and the end user.
  • Understand the statuary requirements involved and the expected criteria that need to be observed at all times during the production of milk.
  • Realise the importance of outside ingression by bacteria and foreign bodies and substances that affect the overall quality of the final product.

Indicative Content

A knowledge of all items to be checked and why, including statutory requirements and those of a buyer/purchaser.

Effects and influence of somatic cell count upon quality. The importance of separation in terms of antibiotics and the way all this is achieved e.g. cleanliness, separation of milking etc.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

Teaching and learning will include a mixture of formal lectures, practical activities along with self study packs where relevant.

Assessment Strategy

Assessment will be undertaken by a mixture of portfolio review, practical tests to assess knowledge and comprehension and multi choice exams to assess under pinning knowledge.

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