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Stay on the Moringa India farm that produces the world’s most miracle Superfood Moringa ​The Majestic Moringa is fast making its name globally. It is the Swiss Army knife of nutrition. Moringa Oleifera, the miracle tree domesticated in Indian almost 2,000 years ago, has come a long way today to become a symbol of the fight against growing nutrition deficiency across the globe apart from also becoming a fad among the rich. A naturally occurring bio-fortified crop suited to the climatic conditions of the region, Moringa is unusually rich in its nutrition content literally from top to bottom. So. if you’re trying to learn A - Z about Moringa , there’s nothing like going to a farm and getting your hands dirty. MFS provides significance of practical experience, rather than relying solely on rhetoric, when it comes to moringa and agricultural education. We call it REAL education'. In essence, knowing the basic from soil is of paramount importance, to be part of the MFS we must combine a

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