Fossil Consulting Services, Inc. (FCS)

Fossil Consulting Services, Inc. (FCS)

Plant Operator Training


Plant-specific operations training is a vital component to helping plant personnel understand the configuration of plant systems, component capabilities and limitations, and control and operation of plant systems, equipment, and processes. Effective training must be designed to ensure that operating personnel have a thorough understanding of controls in order to operate, diagnose, and troubleshoot plant problems during all operating conditions.

FCS uses the industry accepted Instructional Systems Design (ISD) approach to training for identifying each plant's specific training needs. Our plant-specific operations training is typically supported by system training manuals that include both descriptive and procedural information These manuals are supported by effective illustrations, photographs, and flowcharts that help plant personnel quickly learn the technical information that is key to performing their specific jobs. The format for these training manuals can be based on our standard, or can be customized to meet each customer's specific needs.

Operating Procedures
FCS develops clear and effective operating procedures (normal and abnormal) that incorporate manufacturers recommendations, plant management operating plans and approved industry practices. Our staff can also provide administrative procedures for keeping these procedures accurate and up-to-date.

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