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Ram Fertility Workshop



The reproductive ability of rams is crucial to the overall flock performance. Assuming, rather than assessing, the ability of the ram is a common and costly mistake.The general and detailed clinical examination of rams pre-tupping, at times integrated by semen collection and evaluation, is a cost effective service which sheep farmers are inclined to endorse as ad hoc intervention or as part of regular flock consultancy.

  • Best use of rams to improve flock performance
  • Elements of reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • The ram general and detailed clinical examination (with elements of ultrasonography)
  • Semen collection and evaluation

  •     Advise farmers on the best use of rams to boost flock profitability
  •      Carry out a general and detailed clinical examination of rams
  •      Collect semen
  •      Examine semen motility and morphology

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