Perry Johnson, Inc.

Perry Johnson, Inc.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training


This one week course prepares you for Green Belt training (one more additional week). Candidates will learn how to implement and develop a problem-solving project during this course. It is expected that the savings from this first project alone, will pay for the Green Belt training many times over. Certification as a Yellow Belt will be based on participation and an evaluation of knowledge and understanding throughout the course. The Objectives of this course will be to show attendees how to: Apply the Philosophy, Understand the Vision, Learn the History, Apply Lean Concepts, Tools for Application (5S, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, etc), DMAIC Application, When to apply the Tools, Impact on the Customer, How to use DOE (Design Of Experiments) Comparison Tools , Validation, ANOVA, Team Building, Poke-Yoke (Error Proofing), Measures of Success, and much more.

Perry Johnson Inc.’s Yellow Belt Training provides the Body of Knowledge training needed to effectively apply these concepts by using the DMAIC approach to root out and identify weakness in the system, and to improve the entire process to a level that not only your organization will realize through increased bottom line results, but improvements your customers can feel.

The key individuals attending Yellow Belt training should be those charged with Continual Improvement of the organization. Mid-Management, Technicians, Engineering and Floor Supervision are great candidates.

  • Length: 5 Days     
  • Fee: 1995

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