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Soil Science Fundamentals Review Course



The Soil Science Fundamentals Review Course is designed to provide an overview of the fundamental concepts in soil science: Genesis, Classification and Morphology, Physics, Chemistry, Fertility, Biology, and Land Use.  Each of the six sections will be taught for a two week period.  Instructors will use the Fundamentals Performance Objectives (POs) as a guide for discussing topics within each section, but will not go through each objective individually.  However, students are encouraged to ask questions regarding specific POs if needed.

The objective of the course is to provide the student with a formalized way to build their fundamental knowledge and skills within the different areas of soil science to enhance their professional skills and/or to prepare to take the Fundamentals of Soil Science Exam.

This course is taught via distance learning, but instructors will supplement lecture material with additional readings and practical examples to illustrate the concepts and provide practical examples of how the concepts are used in practice.  This course is not designed to teach a student how to take the Fundamentals Exam, but instead is designed to complement the students existing knowledge of soil science and help the student understand the principles behind the POs.

CCA/CPAg: 8.0 Nutrient Management, 16.0 Soil and Water Management
CPSS/CPSC/CST: 24.0 Professional Meetings

$575.00 Members/Certified Professionals
$699.00 Non-members

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  • Nutrient Management 8.0
  • Soil & Water Management 16.0
  • Professional Meetings (PM) 24.0

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