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Training and networking


Both new and experienced operators can benefit from our tailor-made training and networking opportunities.Whether you need a refresher course or training for new operating staff, we are able to help you.Our training can help you make the most out of your energy plant Our commitment to ensuring optimization of your plant operation includes facilitating professional networking, training, and education of plant operators. An example is a three-week training course we held with plant operators from southern Sweden. The course was held at three different plants in the Swedish cities of Ljungby, Eksjö, and Skövde.The operators were provided with an extended professional network, a refresher on basic training, and an expanded look at plant operations.

Three different plants; one common learning experience

After exploring the challenges of each of the three plants, we designed a set of shared course materials. The operators were then divided into three groups and spent two days at each plant.

The objective was to open networking channels for the operators and demonstrate best practices to help them optimise their own plants. They discussed common issues, saw how other plants operated, and made connections with colleagues to facilitate future discussions and problem-solving.

Training as a part of the service agreement
We carry out similar courses for other clients. Continuous training and long-term service are cornerstones of our success.

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