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Transferring and Implanting Bovine Embryos Course



The driving force behind the course is the commercial availability of the one-step-thaw bovine embryos. These can be put into cows relatively quickly without the need for expensive specialist equipment. This offers a real opportunity for practicing cattle vets to become involved in embryo transfer without having to sacrifice everyday routine work or spend a fortune on equipment.

Two areas of new work are invisaged: firstly, implanting repeat-breeder dairy cows with one-step-thaw embryos; then, after pregnancies have been achieved, implanting pedigree embryos for farmers in your locality.
This new opportunity needs to be grasped firmly by cattle vets, before others do so. Topics covered during the two-day course will include
  • Recipient management and examination, including ultrasound.
  • Embryo storage, handling and thawing demonstration.
  • Epidurals, rectalling, implanting.
  • Demonstrations and practice of technique on post mortem tracts and live cows
  • Repeat breeder treatment and results
  • Legislation and records
  • Synchronization and post-implant alternatives
  • Materials, costs and charges

A practical two day Veterinary CPD course
  • Practical hands-on approach
  • Course structure covers all aspects of embryo transfer including ultrasound evaluation of recipients
  • Direct transfer technique used
  • Lunch and refreshments included

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