0:00 / 13:20 Humics 101 (3 of 4) Video

The third of four webisodes from our recent online presentation Humics 101. If you have heard about humics and wondered if they can help you on your farm, this informative look is a great starting place. Dr. Alexander Shulgin of Monty's Plant Food Company and Jeff Sangalli of OrganoCat take the time to explain Humics in 'shirt-sleeve english' so you will have the information you need.
This third section looks at Monty's Liquid Carbon and Monty's Dri-Carbon: How do They Work in The Soil. Specifically this section will explain the key mechanisms for humic/soil interaction and the benefits as well as explaining how these products impact so many sub-systems within the structure of soils ranging from heavy clays to light sands.

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