16 Ton Farm and Construction Hydraulic Dump Trailer ~ Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc. Video

16 ton Farm or Construction Dump Trailer with a 8 bolt 8000lb hub capacity. Manufactured by Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc.

Farm Dump Trailer Specifications:
2.3/4” replaceable spindles.

7.5 ft wide x 16 ft. long x 5 ft. high.

8”x 4” x 1/4'” tube main frame.

3/16” formed long sills welded 100% to the floor.

1/4” plate floor bent with the sides as one pan.

12000 lb drop leg trailer jack.

Swivel clevis style hitch.

Hydraulic tailgate that lift 40” above sides when open.

Grain chute in tailgate.

Tail lights and reflective tape.

4” channel post.

3x4x.188 tube top railing,
55 degree dump angle.

11 cubic yard capacity without the board extensions.

With the board extension it has a 15 cubic yard capacity.

Sealed beam tail lights and reflectors.

Telescopic front mount hoist.

Available with the underbody telescopic hoist with swivel head and pivot truniun for flexibility which is easier on cylinder seals

Chemical wash, automotive type metal treatment and primer, top coat with your choice of colour.

Test results have shown that this automotive grade metal treatment and primer is superior to powder coating in chip and corrosion resistance.

We believe in manufacturing a trailer that can handle normal use, and maybe even a little abuse, and still function as it should. Our experience has taught us the right way to build trailers. We use only high grade materials and constantly monitor the quality of the trailers throughout the manufacturing process. That's why you'll find that a trailer from Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc. will normally outlast and outperform other trailers. You have to use quality raw materials and maintain high manufacturing standards in order to consistently produce quality trailers. That's exactly what we do at Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing, Inc. Delivery available throughout Canada and USA.

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